Servo motor with deceleration airport

2018-06-01Browsing Volume:1242

1. What is the high precision? It is necessary to move the load and require precise positioning. Generally, it is like automation equipment such as aviation, satellite, medical, military technology, wafer equipment, and robots. Their common feature is that the torque required to move the load often exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself. The improvement of the output torque of the servo motor through the reducer can effectively solve this problem.


2. Lifting torque: The way to increase the output torque may be to directly increase the output torque of the servo motor. However, this method must not only use expensive and high-power servo motors, but also have a stronger structure and increase the torque. Compared with the increase of the control current, the use of a relatively large driver, the increase in the specifications of the power electronic components and related electromechanical devices, will greatly increase the cost of the control system.


3, improve the performance: It is understood that the improper matching of load inertia is one of the biggest reasons for the instability of servo control. For large load inertia, the inverse square of the reduction ratio can be used to match the optimal equivalent load inertia for the best control response. So from this perspective, the planetary reducer is the best match for the control response of the servo application.


4, reduce equipment costs: From the cost point of view, assuming 0.4KW AC servo motor with driver, it costs one unit of equipment cost, 5KW AC servo motor with servo drive must cost 15 unit cost, but if using 0.4KW servo motor and The drive, together with a set of reducers, can achieve the aforementioned cost of 15 unit costs, saving more than 50% in operating costs.


Therefore, users choose the planetary gear reducer products according to their different processing needs. In general, there are low-speed, high-torque, high-power density applications in the operation of the machine, and most of them use planetary gear reducers.